Cambridge Healthtech Institute encourages attendees to gain further exposure by presenting their work in the poster sessions. To secure a poster board and inclusion in the conference materials, your abstract must be submitted, approved and your registration paid in full by 3 October, 2014 

Register online, or by phone, fax or mail.  Please indicate that you would like to present a poster.  Once your registration has been fully processed, we will send an email with a unique link and instructions for submitting your abstract using our online abstract submission tool.  Please see below for more information.  

Reasons you should present your research poster at this conference:  

  • Your poster will be exposed to our international delegation  
  • Receive €45 off your registration  
  • Your poster abstract will be published in our conference materials  
  • Your research will be seen by leaders from top pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and government institutes  


NOTE: Special poster restrictions apply. 

1. Posters will be limited to ONE poster per person. 

2. Please select ONE track for your poster.  Your poster may hang only for the duration of that track.  (This will be determined later.) 

3. Special poster size required: 

Posters should be portrait (vertical) orientation, ISO paper size A0: (841 mm wide x 1189 mm high) or (33.11 inches wide × 46.81 inches high). 

Maximum board dimensions are (1000 mm wide x 1200 mm high) or (39.37 inches wide × 47.24 inches high). 

Oversize posters will not fit. 

* CHI reserves the right to publish your poster title and abstract in various marketing materials and products.  

Click here for poster instructions  


Partial List of Poster Titles 

  • Affimed Therapeutics AG - EGFRvIII T-cell TandAbs are specific and highly potent drug candidates for the treatment of a variety of solid tumors
  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc. - Corynex®: A Gram-Positive Microbial Protein Secretion System That Delivers Better Results
  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc. - Site-Specific Protein Conjugation with Corynex® Expression Technology
  • AptaIT - Next-generation analysis of deep sequencing data: Bringing light into the black box of phage display
  • Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University - A Novel Humanized Single-Chain Variable-Fragment Antibody Against the Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha
  • BerGenBio AS - Novel therapeutics for inhibiting tumor epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)
  • BIOASTER - Stability and assembly of bacteriophage MS2 mediated Virus like particules
  • Bio-Rad AbD Serotec GmbH - Development of Recombinant Antibodies for PK and ADA Assays
  • Bruker UK Ltd. - Novel Workflows for Identification and Profiling of Disulfide Bonds in Biopharmaceuticals
  • Chung-Ang University - Efficient Secretory Expression and Purification of the Sweet-Tasting Protein Brazzein in Kluyveromyces lactis
  • CICS-UBI - Membrane-bound catechol-O-methyltransferase biosynthesis in Pichia pastoris: optimization of the induction phase using artificial neural networks
  • Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste - Difficult to express proteins: experience from the PROTEO Protein Production Platform
  • Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence - Cloning, expression and purification of immunoreactive proteins of Francisella tularensis
  • IVIC - Highly biotinylated trastuzumab shows improved in vitro properties
  • Korea Institute of Science and Technology - Genetically-modified Tomato aspermy virus 2b protein as a tumor-targeting siRNA delivery vector
  • MedImmune - A Phenotypic Screening Approach to Identify Antibody-Tractable Targets in Pancreatic Cancer
  • MedImmune - Generation of potent mouse monoclonal antibodies to self-proteins using T-cell epitope “tags”
  • MedImmune - Targeting Fibroblasts in the tumour microenvironment
  • Merck & Co., Inc. - Automation of Analytical Assays to Support High Throughput BioProcess Development and Monitoring
  • NanoTemper Technologies - Screening of thermal and chemical stability of biologics using nanoDSF
  • National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences - High-yield, zero-leakage expression system in Escherichia coli
  • NovImmune SA - Differential Co-Engagement of TLR4 and FcγRs Modulates the Potency of NI-0101
  • Osaka University - Secertion of metagenome-derived LC-cutinase with PET degrading activity to extracellular medium of E. coli cells
  • Particle Metrix GmbH - Multiparameter Particle Characterization by Particle Tracking Analysis (NTA/PTA)
  • Pasteur Institute of Iran - Tracking Intracellular Mechanisms Involved in Specific Productivity Through Investigating Proteomics Profile of Recombinant CHODG44
  • Promega - Better Cell-Based Assays for Anti-CTLA-4, Anti-PD1/PD-L1, and Bispecific Immunotherapy Drug Studies
  • RIKEN - Development of a hyper-protein secretion system via a Tat-dependent signal peptide using Streptomyces lividans
  • Roche Diagnostics GmbH - Analysis of classical and novel biotherapeutics with Michrochip Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Roche Innovation Ctr Penzberg - Bispecific antibody mediated delivery of toxins to tumor cells
  • SEPPIC - Surfactants to Prevent Agglomeration of Big Molecules Used in Injectable Drugs
  • Synthelis - CXCR4 Proteoliposomes Cell Free Expression and SPRi Ligand Binding
  • Synthelis - Engineering Proteoliposomes Using a Cell-Free System for the Study of Hepatitis C Virus p7 Protein
  • Tallinn University of Technology - N-Glycosylation Site Occupancy in Human Prostaglandin H Synthases Expressed in Pichia pastoris
  • Technical University Darmstadt - Shark Attack: High Affinity Binding Proteins Derived from Shark vNAR Domains by Stepwise In Vitro Affinity Maturation
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa - From small synthetic ligands to small protein scaffolds: peptidomimetics targeting biologics
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Human Pin1 WWdomain scaffold production and applications
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa - A tailor made affinity pair “tag-receptor” for cancer biotherapeutics development
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland Valais (HES-SO Valais-Wallis) - Recombinant production of venom-derived disulphide-rich peptides
  • University of Copenhagen - Recombinant membrane protein production in yeast
  • University of Natural Reources and Life Sciences - Characterization of human diamine oxidase produced in CHO
  • University of Shizuoka - Development of Shiga Toxin-Specific Hybrid IgA-Tag: Focus on the Purification Process
  • Vaccinex, Inc. - Antibody Library Display on a Mammalian Virus: Combining the Advantages of Panning and Cell Sorting in One Technology
  • Wroclaw University - Cytotoxic bio-conjugates based on the affibody molecule that target HER2-positive cancer cells