Optimising Protein Purification Strategies in Advance: Getting Your Plan Right

Room Location: Room 3B

This course will address factors that are critical to an effective strategy before beginning a purification project. What are key considerations before you launch an expression campaign? Which expression host should you select and why (Bacterial/Insect/Yeast/Mammalian)? We will examine established ways to reduce complexity in your strategy in order to efficiently increase productivity. The demands of common downstream assays such as antibody selection, biophysical characterisation, up to multi-team characterisation work on the amount and quality of protein needed will be discussed and we will identify redundant steps that support and guide optimal protein purification methods.


David O’Connell, PhD, Lecturer, Biotherapeutics, Biomolecular & Biomedical Science, University College Dublin

Why You Should Attend This Short Course:

  • Gain insight into different expression systems, their advantages and their use.
  • Receive firsthand information about different methods to maximise the use of expression systems.
  • Learn how to develop effective purification strategies that are specific to your assay demands

Detailed Agenda:

17:30 Introduction to expression of targets to targeting molecules, host selection and timeframes

18:30 Dinner Break

19:00 Common assay requirements for highly pure protein, making the most from your strategy

20:30 Close of Short Course

Instructor Biography:

O'Connell_DavidDavid O’Connell, PhD, Lecturer, Biotherapeutics, Biomolecular & Biomedical Science, University College Dublin

David O’Connell PhD is a lecturer at the School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science at University College Dublin. David is director of MSc. Programmes in Biotherapeutics and is a group leader investigating protein engineering research. David has funded an applied research programme in the lab that focuses on new methods to address pinch points in the biologics pipeline. The lab collaborates with multinational biopharmaceutical companies in Ireland, Switzerland and Sweden and with a number of high throughput biochemistry labs across Europe and the US. David has founded new startup company, BlackLabBio, which is a spin out company from UCD specializing in patented protein engineering technology solutions.