Evolution of Antibody Technologies
Jane K. OsbournJane K. Osbourn, PhD, CSO, Alchemab Therapeutics Ltd.
It is nearly fifty years since the discovery of monoclonal antibodies, the first drug approval coming soon after in 1986. From this early success, approval rates took time to ramp up and significant efforts were focused on building a range of technologies to deal with the technical challenges of antibody-drug discovery. This talk will discuss how antibody technologies have evolved and consider where future innovation may lie.


Tailoring of FcRn-Targeted Molecules for Favorable Binding and Transport Properties
Andersen_Jan Terje.jpgJan Terje Andersen, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Oslo; Research Group Leader, Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital

Antibody-Cytokine Fusions: Emerging Clinical Data in Glioblastoma, Sarcoma, and Dermato-Oncology Indications
Neri_Dario.pngDario Neri, PhD, CEO and CSO, Philogen

Stage-Specific Analytical Development for AAV Gene Therapy Vectors
Higgins_Elizabeth.JPGLiz Higgins, PhD, Vice President, Head of CMC, NysnoBio

Design and Engineering of Mammalian Cell Expression Systems Using Synthetic Biology
james_david.jpgDavid C. James, PhD, Professor, Bioprocess Engineering, University of Sheffield

Development of New Stimuli-Sensitive Antibodies
Oller-Salvia_Benjami.jpgBenjami Oller-Salvia, PhD, Assistant Professor, "La Caixa" Junior Leader Fellow, Bioengineering, Protein and Peptide Targeted Nanotherapeutics Program, Ramon Llull University

The End of One Era and the Beginning of a New One: The State of Cancer Immunotherapy and Opportunities for Next-Generation Engineered Therapeutics
Chen_Daniel.jpgDaniel Chen, MD, PhD, Founder, Engenuity Life Sciences

Advances in Bispecific T Cell Engager Therapies
Jallal_Bahija.jpgBahija Jallal, PhD, CEO, Immunocore LLC

Building Analytical Platform to Enable Efficient Drug Development
Yeung_Bernice.jpgBernice Yeung, PhD, Head of Analytical Development (Chemistry), Biogen

Applications of Machine Learning and Informatics in Antibody Discovery
Deane_Charlotte.jpgCharlotte M. Deane, PhD, Professor of Structural Bioinformatics, Statistics, University of Oxford

Nanobodies Modulating Human and Viral Chemokine Receptor Function
Smit_Martine.jpgMartine Smit, PhD, Professor Target and Systems Biochemistry, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Ten Years in the Making – Therapeutic Applications of CrossMab Technology
Klein_Christian.jpegChristian Klein, PhD, Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery, Roche Innovation Center Zurich, Roche Pharma Research & Early Development, pRED

Trispecific Antibodies – Taking the Concept of Multi-Targeting One Step Further
Rao_Ercole.jpgErcole Rao, PhD, Group Leader Biologics Research, Engineered Protein Therapeutics, Sanofi Germany GmbH

Overcoming Safety and Efficacy Challenges of Dual Checkpoint Inhibitor Combinations
Cheng_Jonathan.jpgJonathan D. Cheng, Senior Vice President & Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology Clinical Development, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

A Structure-Based Approach to Tackle Protein Aggregation in Parkinson's Disease
Salvador Ventura, PhDSalvador Ventura, PhD, Professor & Chair, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University Autonoma De Barcelona

Why you Need Both Crystallography and EM to Study GPCRs and Design Drugs, and How to Get There
Plueckthun_Andreas.jpgAndreas G. Plueckthun, PhD, Professor & Head, Biochemistry, University of Zurich