Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Sponsorship & Exhibit Frequently Asked Questions. This page was created to further assist our clients by providing simple answers to questions that we receive quite often. We have divided this page into two sections in order to help you find the answers you are looking for more quickly. If your company has already signed on to exhibit at PEGS Europe and you have some questions regarding the event, click the "Current Exhibitors FAQ". If your company is considering an exhibit space, the "Prospective Exhibitors FAQ" will be a valuable resource to learn more about the conference and what exhibiting will entail.

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Current Exhibitors FAQ's

Current Exhibitors Please Note: If not using the preferred shipper of the General Contract/Exhibit Services Company (e.g. Maxum Expo Services or Hotel), your shipping company will have a certain window of time in which your booth and materials need to be picked up at the loading dock. Failure to do will result in your booth being shipped back to the General Contractor warehouse, wherein you will be charged a storage fee.  

What are the exhibit hall hours including setup and tear down?

Refer to exhibit schedule on the Exhibit Services/Schedule page.

When will the exhibitor kit be ready?

The exhibit kit will be ready 8-10 weeks prior to the event.

How do we order furnishing, electricity and other items for our booth?

Order forms and pricing can be found in the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal, in the Exhibitor Services tab. The exhibitor forms will be available 8-10 weeks prior to the event.

When is the advance rate deadline for discounts to rent items needed for my booth space?

Please log into the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal website for advanced rate pricing.

Where do I find the shipping information for booth materials?

Shipping information can be located in the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal, under the Exhibit Services Services tab.

How many personnel comps do we have with our contract?
Exhibitors receive one “main conference registration.” This includes access to the main conference sessions, but excludes access to symposia, training seminar and short courses. Exhibitors also receive one booth only registration. For sponsorship, please refer to your sponsorship contract.

How do I register our personnel?

Log into the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal, to register your complementary attendees. For additional registrations please use the sponsor & exhibitor registration form in the portal.

What are the registration hours?

The registration hours will be determined in the near future. Stay tuned.

Where do I pick up my badge?

When you arrive onsite please follow signage to the registration desk. Provide your name, company name and/or receipt to the people at registration desk. They will provide you with your badge and program materials.

What is the policy regarding Food/drinks at my booth?

Food and drinks are allowed at your booth.

What is included with the booth space?

CHI will provide a 2m X 3m exhibit space including: back and side panels, 1 table (Table size is 1.2 meters x .60 meters (Rectangle table), 2 chairs, 4 spotlights, 1 electrical plug, 1 wastebasket and wireless internet.

Is the exhibit hall carpeted?
Yes, the exhibit hall will be carpeted.

Is there Wi-Fi in the hall?

Yes, WiFi will be available within the exhibit hall.

Are children allowed in the exhibit hall?

No, children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the exhibit hall.

What is the co-op marketing program?

A CHI cooperative mailing is an email campaign sent from you (the sponsor) or CHI on your behalf, to your list of contacts/prospects. We would be promoting your participation at the event and offering a discounted rate (on your behalf) for your prospects to attend the conference.

How do I go about executing a co-op marketing campaign?

Contact our PEGS Europe Marketing Manager,

How do I contact conference participants and schedule appointments prior to the event?

There are methods to reach attendees in advance of the PEGS Europe

-1-1 Networking - information on website 

-Pre-conference physical mailing (please see details below)

Do we obtain access to the list of attendees?
No, per CHI policy we do not provide an attendee list. For larger events, sponsors and exhibitors are allowed to do a physical mailing pre and/or post conference via a third party mail house. For smaller and some medium-sized events, sponsors and exhibitors receive the attendee list with names and mail addresses, but no email and phone numbers. Sponsors/exhibitors must sign a mailing list agreement for the smaller and medium-sized events in which they obtain the names of attendees.

How will I be notified about my Space Assignment appointment for next year?

An email will be sent out a week prior to the event with your appointment time listed. Once onsite, you will also receive a packet onsite with a reminder card listing your time. You show up to your appointment and reserve your booth and/or sponsorship.

Current Exhibitors FAQ | Prospective Exhibitors FAQ | Hotel & Travel FAQs

Prospective Exhibitors FAQ's

With whom do I speak regarding exhibiting or sponsoring?

Companies A-K
Jason Gerardi
Sr. Manager, Business Development

Companies L-Z
Ashley Parsons
Manager, Business Development

How many attendees are expected?

1,300+ attendees are expected at the PEGS Europe 2022. Refer to sponsor and exhibitor prospectus for attendee demographics.

When is the exhibit savings deadline?

Exhibit spaces at PEGS Europe 2022 will be part of sponsorship packages only, so there is no exhibit savings deadline.

Beyond the Advanced Rate Exhibit Deadline there is no other deadline per se, but exhibit halls at many of CHI events sell out. Booking early will help ensure you secure a prime space. Exhibiting companies should also be mindful of the final agenda (print) deadline as well as the program guide deadline.

Is there a breakdown of the attendee list (e.g. track breakdown, region)?

Please refer to the sponsor and exhibitor prospectus for attendee demographics.

How much does it cost to exhibit, what’s included and what are the policies?

Exhibit spaces at PEGS Europe will be part of sponsorship packages only. Contact the business development manager to learn more about our customizable sponsorship packages.

I may be interested in sponsoring, how do I locate sponsorship programs?

Please contact the conference business development manager to discuss our customizable sponsorship packages.


Is there an opportunity to add a podium presentation to my sponsorship package?

Yes, there are a limited number of sponsored podium slots within each scientific agenda. Opportunities sell out within many of the programs.

Do you offer content lead generation programs? Can these be included in my exhibit or sponsorship agreement?

Yes, we offer various content marketing programs which include lead generation: Webinars, Whitepapers, Market Surveys and Podcasts. Yes, we can bundle lead generation program into your conference sponsorship and exhibit agreement.

Current Exhibitors FAQ | Prospective Exhibitors FAQ | Hotel & Travel FAQs

Hotel & Travel

How do I book my hotel?

Please refer to “Travel” page on the conference website to view hotel and booking information.

When is the hotel discount deadline?

Refer to “Travel ” page for deadline cutoff

For more information regarding exhibit and sponsorship, please contact:

Companies A-K
Jason Gerardi
Sr. Manager, Business Development

Companies L-Z
Ashley Parsons
Manager, Business Development